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The “Albino Squirrel” in Downtown Ocean Springs

If you visit the Little Children's Park in Downtown Ocean Springs you might get a glimpse of the "Albino Squirrel", but it is actually a rare white morph of the eastern grey squirrel.

This rare white morph of the eastern grey squirrel has black & blue eyes and has a mix of white and grey coat. Similar to albino squirrels, white eastern grey squirrels owe their unique coat color to their genes. But, unlike albino squirrels who have a mutation on the gene coding for pigmentation, western grey squirrels actually have a gene that codes for a white coat! Despite having this 'white coat' gene, it still only occurs very rarely because being so brightly colored makes a squirrel less able to blend in amongst the trees and thus more visible to predators.

On October 28th 2019 Trevor Reid with got up close and personal with the White Downtown Ocean Springs Squirrel. Enjoy :)

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